Jiangsu sightseeing elevator selection (DongAo) high quality and low price


  Jiangsu sightseeing elevator chooses (DongAo) high quality and low price. "Dongao Elevator" What is the elevator roof? The top of the hoistway is the machine room, which is where the maintenance personnel work. For Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, the roof must be closed, completely isolating the hoistway from the machine room. What equipment is in the elevator machine room? The machine room is used to install the traction machine, electric control panel, speed limiter, etc. For Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, the machine room can be set at the top of the hoistway or at the bottom of the hoistway. How many types of elevators are there? There are many types of elevators, which can be classified according to different requirements, such as passenger elevators, freight elevators, and passenger and freight elevators according to the nature of use.

Sightseeing elevator

  Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, what is the role of elevator safety management? As a transportation equipment, elevator itself has a certain degree of danger. Its maintenance work has the characteristics of high-altitude work and live work. Safe work is very important, so a strict safety management system must be established. What are the safety management measures for elevator equipment in Jiangsu sightseeing elevator? The elevator equipment is kept in good condition, and relevant safety management measures need to be formulated.

  (1) When using elevator equipment, the reliability of these devices must be checked frequently;

  (2) Regularly conduct safety mechanism action test and overall performance test;

  (3) Be fireproof, waterproof and anti-theft.

  TSGT7001—2009 No. 2 Amendment (new inspection regulations) added bypass function and door loop detection function, Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, the installation of these two devices will largely avoid "door opening and elevator" accidents Occurred, an important barrier was added to ensure elevator safety. Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, when the bypass device is activated, cancels the normal operation of the elevator, and can only run under inspection or emergency electric state, and there are sound and light prompts, which effectively avoids the risk of elevator operators forgetting to take short wiring after inspecting the door lock.

  The digital display elevator operation monitoring screen function is suitable for customers who need to monitor the operation status of multiple elevators, Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, in order to better provide services to elevator passengers, and to better use elevators and perform elevator maintenance . Elevator operation monitoring screen function, you can install elevator operation monitoring screen in the location designated by the customer (such as fire duty room, building management office, etc.) to monitor the location, direction, operation status of multiple elevators and the content of each item required by the customer. Jiangsu Sightseeing elevators are convenient for customers to provide better services for elevator riders, and to understand the operation of elevators in a timely manner, so as to better use elevators and perform engineering maintenance work on elevators.


  Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, what does the elevator control part include? The control part usually refers to electrical control equipment and necessary wiring, including control cabinets, excitation cabinets and layer selectors. What is the function of the traction machine? Commonly known as a reducer. Jiangsu sightseeing elevator, which is installed in the machine room, generally on the top of the building, is the traction device of the elevator. It hauls the car and the counterweight through the traction sheave and the wire rope. What are the components of the elevator traction machine? It is mainly composed of worm gear box, rope wheel, motor, backrest wheel, brake, base, etc.》》》more products

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