What is the difference between passenger elevator and elevator


  With the acceleration of the pace of life, elevators have become necessary daily necessities for commuting. After all, many of them are high-rise buildings, and elevators have become a habit. So is there any difference between passenger elevator and elevator?

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  1. Different main functions

  Freight elevators are used to carry goods; passenger elevators, that is, passenger elevators, are only used to carry people.

  2. Different equipment

  The freight elevator is a large-scale electromechanical equipment with a high degree of automation. It has a geared traction machine: the power of the dragging device is transmitted to the traction wheel through an intermediate reducer. Helical gear drive). The motors used in this type of traction machine have AC and DC motors, which are generally used in low-speed elevators.

  The passenger elevator is a vertical elevator powered by an electric motor, equipped with a box-shaped pod for passengers in multi-story buildings. Fixed lifting equipment serving the specified floors. It has a car that runs between at least two rows of vertical rigid guide rails. The size and structure of the car make it easy for passengers to enter and exit. Besides, there are certain decorations.

  3. Different loading capacity

  Different models of freight elevators and passenger elevators have different standards. Passenger elevators generally have a relatively small load capacity, and freight elevators have large and small load capacities.

  Through the above introduction of "What's the difference between passenger elevator and elevator", I believe you should know something about passenger elevator and freight elevator. If you want to know more about elevator products, please contact us, thank you.

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