Precautions for taking elevators during the epidemic


  Precautions for taking elevators during the epidemic

  In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, block the spread of the new coronavirus, and ensure the safety of the people in the elevators, the Market Supervision Bureau reminds passengers: strengthen self-prevention, reduce the number of elevators, take the elevators safely and orderly, and don't panic . At the same time, remind the elevator use and maintenance units: do a good job in cleaning and disinfection, strengthen daily inspections, adjust maintenance methods, and do emergency rescue.

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  1. Reminder to passengers

  Take the elevator safely and orderly

  Follow first-out and then-in, and try to keep distance between passengers to avoid crowding

  Strengthen self-prevention

  Follow the instructions of the health and anti-epidemic department to take personal protection, and wear a mask all the way when waiting or taking the elevator.

  Reduce the number of rides

  In response to the call to minimize travel, passengers on lower floors or similar floors prefer to walk on stairs.

  Don't panic when something happens

  If the elevator breaks down and traps you in the elevator car, you can contact the outside world through the alarm button, and you can also ask for help through your mobile phone when there is a mobile phone signal. After getting in touch with the outside world, wait calmly for rescue. The car is not a confined space. Do not pick up the door or take off the mask.

  2. Reminder to the use and maintenance unit

  Strengthen daily inspections

  In particular, strengthen inspections of key hospitals, centralized isolation sites and other key epidemic prevention and control sites to ensure the safe and normal use of elevators.

  clean and disinfect

  Focus on the ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of passenger gathering areas and easily accessible parts such as elevator waiting halls, cars, buttons, escalator handrails.

  Adjust the maintenance method

  On the basis of consensus and ensuring safety, appropriately adjust or extend the on-site maintenance cycle, simplify maintenance projects, and encourage the implementation of online monitoring, inspection, and maintenance of elevators through the Internet of Things remote monitoring system and information management system.

  do emergency rescue

  Be on duty to ensure that the emergency rescue call is open 24 hours a day, and rush to the scene to complete the rescue within 30 minutes after receiving the notification of the trapped person.

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