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  Elevators have brought us great convenience, especially when we go to higher floors. With elevators, we can save a lot of time and we can get there easily. Elevators are used in the houses where we live. , Now the buildings are basically equipped with elevators. Even if there is no elevator, the staircase room also considers installing an elevator, so how much does it cost to install an elevator? And how to choose the floor of the elevator building?

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  How much is the elevator price

  The price of elevators is usually to choose products of big brands, so the price is probably more than 200,000 yuan, if it is a second-line brand, it is about 150,000, in fact, each has its own characteristics, mainly depending on the cost-effective configuration, such as the elevator trapezoidal power control system , The elevator car decoration, these will affect the accuracy of the price. For example, Dongao Elevator has been doing it for decades, and it is very mature in technology, safe and reliable in quality.

  How to choose floor of elevator building

  1. Elevator rooms are now more common in our lives. For residential rooms with floors above 12 and below 18, there should be no less than two elevators, and one of them must have the function of a fire-fighting elevator; If the functional floors of pure residential buildings are above 19 floors and below 33 floors, and the total number of households served is between 150 and 270, the elevator should not be less than 3, of which one must also have a fire elevator Features.

  2, you can consult the developer about the water supply, water pressure, power supply, emergency power supply and other aspects of the floor. Generally, high-rise residential buildings are equipped with water tanks on the top floor. The water is first pumped to the top floor and then fed down, so that high-rise residents will not be unable to use water due to insufficient pressure; the relevant configuration of emergency generator sets is also very important to ensure When there is a power outage in the city, the elevator can also run temporarily.

  3. The property management of high-rise residential buildings cannot be ignored, especially the monitoring and security measures. Whether there is a guard room on the ground floor of the building, whether there are security guards patrolling the building, and the safety of evacuation in emergency situations. Pay attention to the total number of households and the number of elevators in the entire building. The quality and operating speed of the elevators are also important. Under normal circumstances, houses with more than 24 floors should be equipped with 1 ladder and 2 households or 2 ladders and 4 households. After confirming the safety of high-rise residential buildings, consider the residential factors such as house type, orientation, and ventilation.

  4. The elevator room has several floors. The choice of elevator room floor should fully consider the comfort level after check-in. The key is to make yourself comfortable and satisfied. Secondly, residential density and viewing are important. Density is the key to high-rise quality. The lower the density, the higher the living quality. On the basis of low-density, we must pay attention to the landscape, especially when choosing the top floor or higher floors. Future plans for surrounding areas.

  The above is the price of a five-story elevator? The whole content of how to choose the floor of the elevator room. There are many elevator brands. Different brands must have different prices. The price of elevators is also more expensive. This is why it is more expensive to buy elevator rooms. Everyone When buying an elevator room, pay attention to the choice of floor.

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