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  How much does the home elevator cost for the 3rd floor of the home villa elevator?

  With the improvement of living standards, the increasing aging of the population and the needs of special groups, many friends consider installing a home villa elevator in a villa or self-built building for family use. Although elevators are often used in daily work, most of the common elevators are commercial passenger elevators in public places. Many people still don't know much about home villa elevators, so many customers of 3-story villas will take it for granted that my floor is low and my elevator needs It is much cheaper than the high-rise ones. In fact, it is not. Although the height of the elevator floor is part of the elevator price, the disparity is very small. Why? The elevator editor will tell you.

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  The common floor station specifications of small home villa elevators mainly include 3 floors and 3 stations, 4 floors and 4 stations, and 5 floors and 5 stations. Those with more than 5 floors are relatively rare. In the process of inspecting home villa elevators, many customers did not understand that the height difference between the three-story villa elevator and the five-story villa elevator was so high, but the price was not much different. There is no doubt that the number of floors is an important factor affecting home villa elevators. The more floors there are, the more expensive the price of home villa elevators. However, home villa elevators are not priced according to weight and height like buying food. Home villa elevators have a basic price. Based on 3 floors and 3 stations, home villa elevators increase by about 4,000 yuan for each additional floor. This is why many 3-tier customers feel that they are at a disadvantage.

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  The reason for this problem is that no matter how many floors of home elevators, they need a set of basic configuration, such as the main engine, control system, door machine, speed limiter, safety gear, car, car door, landing door, etc. These components are The basic price of the elevator is why the three-story home elevator is not much different from the multi-story elevator. For each floor of a household elevator, the added components are a set of landing doors, a landing door device, a guide rail, a cable, and an outbound call box. The cost is 4,000 yuan.

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  How much does a three-story home elevator cost? The price range of three-story home elevators ranges from 110,000 to 140,000. In this price range, there will definitely be a price difference according to the production quality of each manufacturer and the configuration included. In addition, if there is no elevator shaft, an elevator shaft needs to be made, and the cost is basically about 20,000 to 30,000 (steel structure). If an aluminum alloy sightseeing hoistway is used, the cost of the hoistway and glass is about 50,000-60,000.

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  The number of floors is only a part of the impact on home elevators. Others also include elevator structural design, door opening methods, decoration style, transportation and installation, etc. Therefore, the accurate elevator price can only be obtained after the elevator plan and decoration are determined.

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