Home elevator safety and function


  What safety functions are required for home elevators

  Household elevators are generally installed in villas such as villas. Most of the householders living in villas are very economical. There are also many custom home elevators. Since customer requirements are varied, the functions of home elevators in the customization process The above will be more abundant, and the practicability and operation can be significantly improved, but the conditions of home elevators are rigid in some aspects.

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  An overload protection device for home elevators is necessary. In the elevator, too much weight will inevitably lead to the overload of the elevator. At this time, if the elevator continues to run, the consequences can be imagined to be dangerous, so if People can find out in time, so it can be avoided. Therefore, when the elevator is overloaded, it will sound an alarm. Under the effect of long-term overload, if you do not pay attention to protecting the home elevator, the maintenance cost will be significantly increased, so we still Protect home elevators a lot.

  If the villa in the customer’s home is already larger than 3 floors, the elevator needs to add some settings to reduce the failure of the home elevator. The manufacturer will add a short rope protection to the elevator. Once the short rope protection is set, it will reduce a lot of dangerous possibilities. Consumers and family members will also feel more at ease when taking home elevators, because there is no sudden vacancy, so it has a protective effect on personnel.If you want to know more about elevator issues, please contact us, thank you.

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