Villa elevators should be maintained regularly


  Villa elevators should be maintained regularly

  Villa elevators are regularly maintained once a month. Maintenance professionals are required to inspect, repair, and replace the parts of the elevator in operation through professional equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elevator; the routine maintenance cycle is usually two weeks , The process is generally relatively simple, and maintenance professionals need to observe, inspect, and test elevator equipment through their own senses.

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  Villa elevators should be routinely maintained

  Routine maintenance of the villa elevator control panel is also to be done, and the correctness of its work is checked when the elevator traction machine is powered off. Use a soft brush or blower to remove the dust on the printed board, its plug-ins and all electronic components, check the state of the electromagnetic switch contacts, contact conditions, the insulation of the coil surface, and the reliability of the mechanical interlocking action; The ablated areas of the contactors and relay contacts should be treated with fine emery cloth and cleaned. Check, verify and adjust the contact to make it have a certain gap, good contact, proper pressure and proper operating margin; when the traction motor is overloaded for a long time, the thermal relay may act and cut off the traction. Lead the motor power supply. At this time, the thermal relay needs to be reset manually.

  Maintenance of elevator door and car door in villa

  The hall door and car door of the villa elevator are prone to problems. What needs to be done is to refuel on the upper frame of the refueling place and keep it well lubricated so that the elevator will not make unpleasant noises during operation and when the door is opened. . The frequency of opening and closing of elevator doors in villas is relatively high, and the switching lines are easily damaged. This requires frequent inspections. If a safety hazard is found, it must be replaced as soon as possible.

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