What should I do after being trapped in an elevator


  What should I do after being trapped in an elevator?

  Most people in the city use elevators every day. Once they hear about an accident, they will inevitably cause anxiety and worry. For users, what should they do after being trapped in an elevator fault? Now let China Passenger Elevator Manufacturer tell you how to protect yourself better?

  In this regard, Dongao Elevator Factory reminds you that if there is an elevator failure, the trapped personnel should never try to open the elevator while waiting for rescue. Try to use the emergency intercom in the elevator or press the alarm bell to ask for help. With mobile phone signal, you can call the maintenance phone in the elevator to notify the maintenance personnel, or you can call family and friends to inform the trapped situation, so that family and friends can help call the police. If none of the above methods can get in touch with the outside world, you can try to call for help and knock on the metal in the elevator with a hard object to make a sound to attract attention.

  At the same time, we should always keep a quiet mind, don't be impatient, and wait for the arrival of rescuers.

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