Dongao elevator quality ensures zero accidents


  Dongao elevator quality ensures zero accidents

  Data shows that due to elevator failures, an average of 8 people will be trapped in elevators in my country every day. Among them, elevator "external failures" accounted for 27.4% of the total failures, followed by service failures and door system failures, accounting for 22.8% and 19.5 respectively. %. Last year, there were 48 elevator accidents in my country, with 41 deaths and more than 20 injured.

  Although the number of accidents and deaths have dropped significantly compared with the previous two years, accidents caused by elevator failures have attracted widespread attention from the society, such as "elevator killer", "elevator cannibalism", "elevator panic" and other terrible words Frequently appearing in public opinion, topics such as "How to ride the elevator safely", "Elevator rescue guide", and "What to do if the elevator is out of control" are also hot on the real-time search list.

  In response to frequent elevator accidents, many people said that learning emergency measures for trapped elevators is the most important, and some people say that the responsibility of the property is the most important. In fact, these are just measures to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. In order to fundamentally reduce the occurrence of accidents, and truly ensure the quality of the elevator is the key.

  Elevator market competition is fierce, and the quality of elevators in some companies has seriously shrunk

  According to industry insiders, my country's "Code for Residential Design" has required that elevators for residential buildings with seven floors and above should be changed to residential buildings with four floors and above. In other words, the demand for elevator design in low-rise buildings will greatly increase the sales of elevators, which makes many manufacturers believe that the elevator market is very profitable in the future.

  In the past 10 years, the housing prices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have doubled by nearly 10 times, but the purchase price of elevators is still falling. In addition, the price war is also manifested in the low price bidding and many manufacturers are stepping on national standards. Lowering prices and standards is simply the minimum requirements. Now many small companies produce elevators based on the minimum requirements. So, under the tight R&D and production investment, how can low-requirement and low-standard elevator products guarantee the quality?

  The quality assurance of elevators stems from the company’s R&D strength and management awareness

  The quality of elevator production does not depend on the size of the company, nor does it depend on the level of cost, because the quality assurance of elevators comes from the company’s R&D strength and management awareness. In the industry, many elevator giant brands all occupy favorable markets with "quality assurance". The domestic elevator brands represented by Dongao Elevator have been leading the way in export volume for five consecutive years.

  It is understood that since its establishment, East Odson has been insisting on independent research and development and taking the road of own brand. There are more than 700 R&D and engineering technicians. At present, East Oddsson has obtained more than 100 patent technology authorizations from the State Intellectual Property Office, including more than 20 invention patents and more than 50 patents related to elevator safety.

  In addition, China passenger elevator Supplier has also introduced an internationally advanced automated machine production line, strict lean production standardization concepts, and a mature production information management system to promote continuous product improvement.

  Looking at its source, it is not difficult for us to find that “an enterprise with independent research and development strength and strict management awareness is to take people’s life safety as an important core for production and management.” The reason why the company is deeply trusted by the society is its product Excellent quality is closely related.

  Facing the elevator industry, which is unanimously optimistic about its prospects but is often overshadowed by elevator accidents, not long ago, the China Elevator Quality Management Association has issued an appeal to elevator companies, hoping that companies can strengthen their own manufacturing levels and enhance manufacturing processes. The improvement of precision and safety standards, the enhancement of creativity and the upgrading of service levels have enabled the Chinese people to use safer elevators.

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