What are the advantages of high-speed passenger elevators


  Dongao Desen high-speed elevator-use intelligence to ensure high-speed safety. High-rise buildings, as a building model that can effectively improve land use efficiency, save land resources, and achieve space expansion, have a significant effect on alleviating the pressure on urban population land use, and are commonly used in large and medium-sized cities with large populations in development The building model of the building is of great significance for increasing the number of commercial office space and meeting the demand for urban residential housing.

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  Due to the height of the high-rise building, the people inside the building have a very large span between different floors. Walking between the stairs alone is extremely exhausting, which is neither convenient nor realistic. In this way, elevators are particularly important. However, with the continuous increase of floors, the people inside the building are becoming more and more dense. Ordinary low-speed elevators are no longer enough to meet the needs of such a high number of people. During this period, peak congestion within the building will be formed, causing great inconvenience to work and life.

  The installation of high-speed elevators is an effective way to solve this situation. The running speed of high-speed elevators is relatively fast. After the installation of high-speed elevators, the running speed can be increased, the efficiency of personnel circulation can be enhanced, the congestion of personnel during peak periods, and work can be improved. The living environment improves convenience and becomes an important arterial transportation system in the building.

  Dongao Desen, as the industry's leading high-speed elevator manufacturer, has developed the DS-J070 high-speed passenger elevator for the high-rise real estate market and business market. Its safety, comfort, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product concepts are well received by engineering companies and Welcome from the application staff. So, what are the advantages of DS-J070 high-speed passenger elevator? Let China Passenger Elevator Manufacturer answer you in detail below.

  1. Safe and reliable, more comfortable

  The car door safety protection system can be selected from three types of door protection systems: light curtain type and mechanical touch panel. The dense light curtain formed by infrared rays can detect any small obstacles and quickly open the door to provide safety protection for passengers in and out of the elevator. In terms of comfort, the ideal operating speed curve is generated by the computer design, and the speed of the AC motor can be precisely adjusted through the vector control software. The start and stop are smooth and the leveling is accurate. In terms of low noise and energy saving, the voltage and frequency can be continuously adjusted according to the needs of speed and load, which saves about 35% energy compared with traditional drive systems.

  The DS-J070 high-speed elevator, as a high-speed elevator product with superior performance, is of great significance for the transportation of personnel in the high-rise real estate market and business market. In order to ensure the transportation safety of high-rise buildings, to achieve the goal of efficient and safe operation of high-rise buildings. Use technology to create high efficiency and use intelligence to ensure safety. Dongao Desen's road of development continues, let us wait and see.

  2. High-speed CPU with fast running speed, stable and reliable performance

  DS-J070 adopts serial data communication between the control panel and the car and the landing. The bus mode adopts the standard CAN BUS bus, which has high technical content, advanced technology, high reliability, anti-interference, and greatly reduces wiring and connections. Mouth, and significantly improve the flexibility of functional processing. The failure display mode is displayed in a digital way, and there is an ordinary computer failure maintenance interface, which is convenient for maintenance.

  3. Automatic speed regulation

  DS-J070 adopts the most advanced digital full computer control non-linking synchronous toothed belt variable pressure gate machine with frequency conversion, which can realize automatic speed regulation. The door opening time of the parking floor can be automatically adjusted according to the situation of internal and external calls, which is convenient to use. In addition, when the hall door torque is different, the electric push will automatically adjust the door opening and closing torque, so that the door opening and closing performance is significantly improved. Ensure that the elevator doors open and close gently, smoothly and safely, greatly reducing the failure rate and use costs.

  What is introduced above for you is "what are the advantages of high-speed passenger elevators", Dongao Elevator Factory is a professional manufacturer of passenger elevator; Freight elevator; escalator; Moving sidewalk; Car elevator; Stretcher elevator; Hospital elevator; Grocery elevator; Home elevator , Products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe and the United States. We always adhere to the principle of "safe, efficient and affordable" to face every customer, so that you can buy our elevators with confidence. Welcome customers and friends to call to discuss business, thank you.

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