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  Dongao Elevator: "Craftsmanship spirit", create peace of mind with "ingenuity"

  China Passenger Elevator Manufacturer - "Craftsmanship" is a spirit of production consciousness that is commonly discussed in today's era. The main reason is that some people are too pursuing short-term immediate economic gains, thus ignoring the quality of products, and ultimately resulting in generally low product quality, which arouses people's dissatisfaction. Summarizing and searching for the reasons, it was found that the producers lacked the spirit of "artisan spirit".

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  "Craftsman spirit" is more precisely a production professional spirit. It is the embodiment of the morality, ability and quality of the production professional or the enterprise, and a professional value orientation and behavioral performance of the practitioner or the industry. The basic connotation of "craftsman spirit" includes dedication, lean, focus, innovation, art and other aspects.

  Dongao Elevator Factory, as a leading brand in the elevator industry, always regards the "craftsmanship spirit" as one of the inner spirits of the company's R&D and production, which is the key point emphasized in the Dongao Elevator enterprise spirit. For Dongao, "craftsman" The spirit represented by "spirit" is creativity, refinement and art. These three points basically cover the concepts needed from elevator design to production, and also represent the necessary conditions for designing and producing good products.

  1. Create

  Creation is necessary for a manufacturing company, especially an elevator manufacturing company. The market products are roughly the same, and what is most needed is new creativity. The research and development of more stable technology, safer protective measures, etc., are all things that an elevator product manufacturer must constantly explore and create, and the creativity of the "craftsman spirit" spirit is to include these, so, Maintaining the "craftsman spirit" is to maintain technical creativity and R&D capabilities. This ability is the reason why Dongao Elevator has always adhered to and achieved continuous success in the field of elevator innovation.

  2. Fine

  Fineness is the pursuit of quality, and Dongao Elevator is no exception. Elevator is a kind of equipment with high requirements for safety performance, because any deviation in use will cause major accidents. Therefore, Dongao has always been careful and meticulous in ensuring safe operation and adopts "craftsman spirit". Fine", to make the greatest guarantee for quality, and to provide the greatest protection for customers when using elevators.

  3. Art

  Product art is a concrete expression of cultural symbols given to products by people in the long historical development. The operators of this art are craftsmen. Today, art and equipment are still blended, and only how to integrate well is the main problem. Different from the art endowed by artists, the artistic creation brought by Dongao’s craftsmanship is appropriate to the building itself, emphasizing the creation of an artistic appearance design that can be integrated into the building, and creating their own art for customers. In this regard, East Odson is very appropriate. Starting from the overall design of the building, with good artistic integration as the end point, the architectural style needs to be combined with the elevator design, so that the design aesthetics of the building can be displayed from the inside out.

  China Passenger Elevator Manufacturer - Dongao Elevator Factory’s “ingenuity” products created with the “craftsman spirit” are respect for customers and users. According to the safety of customers and the style of architecture, it creates high-quality, creative, refined and artistic products. High-efficiency products, with "ingenuity" to create peace of mind.

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