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  Dongao explains the future development trend of high-speed elevators for you

  With the rapid progress of urbanization, high-rise buildings, such as buildings that can save land resources and effectively expand the space area, have gradually increased. Whether it is office offices or residential buildings, they are developing in the direction of high-rise building construction, which is limited land. The expansion of resources into a wider space for utilization not only eases the tension of urban land resources, but also promotes the process and development of urbanization. The increase in high-rise buildings has also made the high-speed elevator market gradually flourish. As a convenient and important passage for up and down the building, high-speed elevator elevators have always provided a convenient and stable guarantee for the building's "upward delivery".

  As a dominant brand in the high-speed elevator industry, Dongao Desen has always played a major role in promoting the development of the industry. Let Dongao Elevator Factory give you a detailed introduction of the future development trend of high-speed elevators to explore the development direction of the high-speed elevator industry. Where.

  1. Create safer and high-quality high-speed elevator products

  Safety machine is quality. Safety has always been the most important part of the entire elevator industry, because safety and quality are not only important reference data for customers to choose elevator brands, but also because the consequences of an elevator accident will be very serious. Therefore, how to make elevators safer is the focus of every elevator company's research.

  2. Make high-speed elevators more intelligent

  Intelligence is the focus of the current development of high-speed elevators. The application of intelligence not only improves the efficiency and safety of high-speed elevators, but also a guarantee for improving the comfort of elevator rides. Take Metis-HS in Dongao as an example. Metis-HS is equipped with a high-speed CPU, which can make the elevator run fast, while still ensuring stable and reliable elevator performance, and can realize automatic speed regulation. The door opening time can be adjusted automatically according to the internal selection and external call situation, which is more convenient to use. And when the moments of the hall doors are different,The system will automatically adjust the door opening and closing torque to significantly improve the door opening and closing performance, allowing the elevator door to open and close gently, smoothly and safely, greatly reducing the failure rate and also reducing the cost of use. In terms of riding comfort, the computer design generates an ideal operating speed curve. The speed of the AC motor can be precisely adjusted through the vector control software during operation, so that the start and stop are smoother, the leveling is more accurate, and people feel more comfortable .

  Intelligentization is also a guarantee for making high-speed elevators more energy-efficient. Energy-saving is a general requirement of the entire society for elevator equipment, because energy-saving is not only a need for sustainable development, but also a requirement for customers to save costs. Under the same function, same configuration, or similar price , Which high-speed elevator is more energy-efficient is likely to become the user’s most preferred choice. In other words, energy-saving has become an important customer demand indicator in the elevator brand competition. To produce more energy-efficient products is to produce more marketable products. Products that are welcome and more favored by customers.

  Therefore, in terms of energy saving, Dongao Elevator uses the advantages of intelligent control to realize continuous adjustment of voltage and frequency according to the needs of speed and load. In terms of energy saving, it saves about 35% energy compared with traditional drive systems. Such a high energy saving. Rate, demonstrating technical strength.

  With the continuous development of urbanization, the demand for high-speed elevators will continue to grow. To make safe, efficient, intelligent and energy-saving high-quality elevators is the development direction of every elevator company, and it is also the forward trend of the entire industry. As a dominant brand in the field of high-speed elevators, Dongao Elevator will continue to work hard in the future to launch more excellent products, provide people with better elevator equipment,and contribute its strength to the achievement of sustainable development goals and the construction of smart cities.

  Compared with ordinary elevators, high-speed elevators are more efficient in operation, and this efficiency is more obvious in high-rise buildings. Therefore, high-speed elevators are widely used in high-rise buildings. They can be used in large-scale residential buildings and commercial office buildings. Saw the high-speed elevator. In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's high-speed elevator market demand, major elevator companies have made progress in the field of high-speed elevators, and their technical level has continued to improve.

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