What is the prospect of installing elevator market


  What is the prospect of installing elevator market

  Construction approval is complicated. Many homeowners say that in recent years, with the gradual advent of my country's aging society, most of the existing old multi-storey houses have not been installed with elevators, and it has gradually become difficult to meet the basic living requirements of the elderly to go up and down. In 2018, for the first time, “promote the renovation of old communities” and “encourage conditional installation of elevators” into the government work report, which shows that the installation of elevators in old buildings is a common problem and requires the joint promotion of the government, enterprises and residents. 

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  However, the road to the installation of the elevator market has not been smooth sailing. It is understood that currently there are several limiting factors for installing elevators:

  1. The capital cost is too high. The cost of elevators, civil engineering and installation works are quite high, and how to share the expenses among residents;

  2. Low-level influence. If the elevator shaft outside the building is added, it will have a certain impact on low-rise residents, and there will be lighting problems, noise problems, etc.;

  3. I am not very familiar with the construction application procedures, installation conditions, and application procedures. Due to the complicated procedures and the long approval time of various departments, the project is delayed and cannot be implemented;

  4. Safety issues: The original space of old houses is limited. For the elevators that are covered outside the building, after a long period of sun and rain, the elevators are bound to have safety hazards. This is also an issue that residents pay special attention to.

  In order to conform to the trend of the times and solve social needs, Chinese national elevator companies have accelerated the technical research and innovation of elevator installation, effectively hitting the "pain points" of residents, and allowing more development of elevator installation. The same is true for Dongao Desen.

  Dongao Desen Elevator always firmly believes that technological innovation is an important driving force for enterprise development, and actively implements this concept. Currently Dongao Desen has more than 200 professional technical R&D teams, more than 140 patented technologies and more than 700 after-sales and engineering service personnel. Excellent R&D and technical teams provide customers with one-stop customized professional services for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. In the area of elevator installation, Dongao has rich engineering experience, and its efficient installation service has won the unanimous satisfaction of residents.

  In the design of installing the elevator, considering that it is added outside the stairs, in order not to occupy too much of the original building space, Dongao Desen rationally designed the additional elevator structure according to the original structural characteristics of the residence; When it affects the lighting problems of low-rise residents, the person in charge of Dongao Desen listened to the residents’ suggestions in time, and was very careful in the overall design of installing elevators. After lighting testing from multiple angles, the best plan was selected and implemented to ensure that the residents Our pleasure to use.

  The internal technology of installing elevators is also a test for enterprises. After all, elevators covered outside are more susceptible to the influence of the natural environment and weather. Dongao Desen didn't dare to slack off this one. Dongao's installation of elevators uses current advanced technology systems with fast processing speed, high reliability and strong anti-interference ability; and for elevators that will be put into market use, the staff will go through multiple running tests to ensure the stability of the installed elevators , The running speed meets the required safety standards.

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  As for the elevator materials, Dongao Desen uses explosion-proof, crack-proof, and wind-proof materials to cast, which effectively avoids the hidden safety hazards of installing elevators that are exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. According to the relevant person in charge of Dongao: Although the installation of elevators is difficult in the process of advancing, and the residents have also feedback different problems, our company is strongly supported by national policies and the company's own rigorous design and efficient management. The smooth implementation of the entire project of installing elevators will be guaranteed, so that the lives of residents will be more protected.

  Installing elevators is a benefiting project. Chinese national elevator companies should continuously improve product technology, design, and functions within their capabilities to help the rapid development of the elevator market. In the future, China Elevator Manufacturer Dongao Desen will also spare no effort to promote this livelihood project, and is committed to bringing more safety and comfort to the public.

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