Dongao Desen elevator enters the international market


  Dongao Desen elevator enters the international market - With the continuous improvement of community culture and service construction, my country's elevator industry has ushered in new development opportunities. According to statistics from China Industry Information Network, as of the end of 2015, there were about 80,000-100,000 elevators in my country with a service life of more than 15 years. Since 2000, the number of elevators produced and sold has started to climb rapidly, and the average annual growth rate has remained above 20%. By 2020, it is conservatively estimated that the number of elevators produced and sold in my country will reach 400,000 units. The number of elevators used internationally is even greater, so we can imagine how big the market space will be in the future.

  Dongao Desen elevator enters the international market - Since the number of elevators in my country is already very large, it currently exceeds 4.5 million units, and the production and sales of new elevators will continue to increase, so the post-installation and maintenance market has also ushered in a comprehensive explosion. In the past, unlike the mature markets of foreign elevators, the procurement and maintenance of elevators in my country were mostly separated. That is, after customers purchased elevators, they chose third-party agencies for later repair and maintenance of elevators. The proportion of elevator companies is still relatively low, and in the face of the ever-expanding maintenance market, the original elevator industry will undergo profound changes.

  Dongao Desen passenger elevator manufacturer - Looking at the entire market in my country, it can be found that many leaders in the elevator industry have already understood the general trend and have begun to enter the aftermarket, such as the well-known elevator safety technology innovation "Dongao Desen Elevator" in China. It is understood that Dongao Desen Elevator is not only committed to providing the society and customers with mature products of "safer elevators", but also paying special attention to the planning and implementation of elevator installation and maintenance programs. With the "three steps" of elevator maintenance, Dongao Desen Elevator helps to create a safe community, has won widespread attention from the society, and has taken the lead in the big wave of the international market.

  Today, DongAo's comprehensive cooperation and joint ventures will surely bring more high-quality elevator products and perfect sales services to users, and create a more perfect loading space for you.

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