Is it true that CCTV stopped installing elevators in old communities


  Is it true that CCTV stopped installing elevators in old communities?

  In order to improve the living environment of old communities, the country has implemented the old reform policy, and the installation of elevators is one of the steps. Recently, news came out that CCTV stopped installing elevators in old communities. Is it true or not? Why do you regret installing an elevator?

elevator,Is it true that CCTV stopped installing elevators in old communities

  Is it true that CCTV stopped installing elevators in old communities?

  It is reported that everyone in a certain community agreed to install elevators to facilitate high-rise residents up and down the stairs. However, during the elevator installation, the owner found that the elevator construction had smashed the seismic beams, which caused damage to the overall structure of the house, and the elevator installation was urgently stopped. Therefore, when installing an elevator:

  1. Be sure to find a formal and qualified large company for construction. The old residential complex was originally complex in structure and difficult to renovate. Installing an elevator is not simply an elevator shaft and going up and down. Many factors must be considered. The operation and maintenance of the elevator after installation is also very important.

  2. Unbinding policies must also follow the policy regulations. It must be installed after approval, and it must not be operated until the acceptance is qualified. Although the policy is loosened, it does not mean that everyone can agree to install it at will, but it must be modified within the scope of the policy.

  Why is it difficult to install elevators in old communities?

  For residents living on the first and second floors, they basically don’t have access to elevators, so it doesn’t matter whether they are installed or not. On the contrary, after installing an elevator, it will affect their house prices. Because after installing elevators, high-rise residential buildings will become popular due to good lighting. In the low-rise houses, in addition to the impact of lighting, noise will also be generated when the elevator is running, which will affect their living quality.

  To this end, new regulations were introduced to abolish the original "one-vote veto system"

  In the past, as long as one household disagreed, no elevator could be installed. Now, some local governments have issued "new regulations" that only if more than two-thirds of the residents in the community agree to install elevators, they can apply and give instructions before entering the construction phase. In other words, the objection of low-level households is invalid. Of course, the new policy also provides extra care for the residents on the first floor. For example, the residents on the first floor do not need to pay elevator maintenance fees, and some places even give cash compensation to the residents on the first floor.

  Why do you regret installing an elevator?

  1. The regret of installing elevators in old buildings is mainly because the installation of elevators affects the public fire passage. In addition to the inconvenience of moving things in and out, the most important thing is that the width of the fire evacuation will have an impact. Therefore, the modification of the elevator must go through and the fire department can review it before it can be implemented.

  2. Many old communities do not have properties, and the maintenance, maintenance and overhaul of elevators after the warranty period may become a problem. A major feature of the old community is that there are mostly elderly people and there are more people in low-income groups. Over time, things that are unwilling to pay for it may happen. This is a lot in some old communities with elevators.

  3. The own community is a commercial housing community, and the house can be transferred freely. Once the elevator is modified, the future maintenance and repair of the elevator if the transfer takes over the owner is unwilling to pay the maintenance fee, causing the elevator to fail to operate or operate with illness.

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