Dongao Elevator project kick-off meeting


  Dongao Elevator project kick-off meeting

  December 18, 2020, the Dongao Desen elevator lean management project kick-off meeting was officially held. This management project aims to provide Dongao company employees with in-depth 6S training on lean site management, product process optimization and lean management specialized talent training. The meeting also announced that the three-month project activities will be officially launched . Dongao Desen Elevator President, Executive Director, senior management of headquarters, major leaders of various functional centers, and consultants of this project attended this meeting and delivered important speeches, and placed deep expectations on this project.

Dongao elevator project kick-off meeting included

  In today's society, the competition of enterprises is not only the competition of product quantity, but also the test of product technology and internal management of enterprises. In response to this, at the beginning of the meeting, the chairman of Dongao Desen Elevator gave a speech on the background and expectations of the project. Not only pointed out that the demand of customers in the elevator industry is becoming more critical, profit margins are gradually reduced, and management methods are more passive, but also that the company can eliminate all waste, reduce costs, and promote process optimization in the future to maximize production capacity and optimize products.

  Subsequently, the special consultant for this project interpreted the project promotion organization and strategy, so that the employees could better understand how the project was carried out and the goals to be achieved. Secondly, the project director issued a message to this event to encourage employees to be more enthusiastic and fuller in the lean management activities.

  At the end of the meeting, the vice president of manufacturing and lean project director gave a mobilization speech and put forward four concepts of "empty cup mentality", "fast positioning", "synchronized beats", and "reducing waste", which were included in the launch meeting. Closed the curtain.

  2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year for the manufacturing industry. How to stand out among the peers is a question that every Dongao Desen person needs to think about. The development of this project provides the company with a new way of thinking. It will change from the company’s internal management methods, combine with excellent quality products, strive for perfection, and pursue efficiency and quality. In 2020, it will be Dongao Elevator. A brilliant year.

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