Dongao Elevator supports the development of sports


  Dongao Elevator strongly supports the healthy development of sports

  If one word is used to describe the sportsmanship, “climbing the peak bravely” is undoubtedly the most appropriate; and the sportsmanship of “climbing the peak bravely” is also in line with the road of struggle of Dongao Desen elevator Manufacturer: forge ahead all the way, with a spirit of forge ahead. , Constantly climbing new peaks.

Dongao Elevator

  The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that "widely carry out national fitness activities and accelerate the construction of a sports power." Dongao Elevator actively responds to the call of the country, supports the development of sports in Haining City, and is willing to contribute to the national sports.

  Recently, Dongao Elevator sponsored a basketball team to participate in the 2020 Suzhou Basketball Association's 8th Basketball League. A total of 7 teams participated in the game, bringing together basketball enthusiasts from all walks of life in Suzhou, bringing many exciting basketball games to the people of Suzhou. Dongao Elevator continued to support the healthy development of sports.

  The whistle sounded on the arena, the two teams went all out and fighting spirits, you chased me for the score, the friction of sneakers and the ground, the impact of basketball and the basket, and the running figures on the court let us see the blood of youth. The hormones of youth directly awaken the surging passion of winter sleep. It is said that the brave wins when they meet on a narrow road. The handsome ball-handling, precise shooting, and tacit cooperation of the players have pushed the wonderful game to a climax again and again, winning bursts of cheers from the audience.

  The title sponsorship of the basketball team is not only a good opportunity for Dongao Elevator to show a good corporate image and high-level service to the people of Suzhou, but also a manifestation of Dongao Elevator's vigorous support for the healthy development of sports and its active fulfillment of social responsibility. Dongao Desen Elevator has always practiced social responsibility with gratitude in the process of corporate development. The original intention of supporting this basketball game is to promote the spirit of sports and realize the dream of a strong country in sports.

Dongao Elevator supports the development of sports

  Fulfilling social responsibilities is not contradictory to self-development and growth, but complements and complements each other. In addition to assisting the development of sports, Dongao Desen Elevator is also actively involved in social welfare undertakings. Of course, as an elevator company, providing safe and reliable escalator products and high-quality and humanized services to the city with the heart of quality is also an important feedback to the society. The responsible and responsible Dongao Desen elevator has built a benign interaction system between the enterprise and the public, not forgetting the original intention, and moving forward with stability.

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