What should be paid attention to when using the passenger elevator


  What should be paid attention to when using the passenger elevator?

  Now the major supermarkets, shopping malls and office buildings are definitely unable to sweep the elevator, so that people can climb to the floor they want without effort. But for the passenger elevator in use, we should also pay attention to the relevant matters, in order to be able to take the elevator safely, so what should we pay attention to? Here's an introduction.

passenger elevator

  1. Don't jump in the elevator

  The passenger elevator is generally larger in space, which is also to facilitate people to go to and from work. For the sake of safety, there are many protection switches in the elevator. If you jump around in the elevator, it will make the elevator tilt. If you turn on the protection switch unintentionally, people will be trapped.

  2. Don't block the door with your body

  Sometimes people need to move some things when taking the elevator. In order to prevent the elevator door from closing, someone will block the passenger elevator with his body. For a long time, although the door will not be closed, the elevator protection switch will think that the elevator is out of order and give an alarm. The correct way is to have a person press the door button, never use the body to block the elevator door.

  The matters needing attention in using the passenger elevator have been introduced to you. When the elevator brings convenience to people, we also hope that people can take the elevator safely and correctly.

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