How to maintain the passenger elevator


  How to maintain the passenger elevator? What is the correct maintenance method?

  The passenger elevator provides convenience for many people, but when using it, we should pay attention to the maintenance, which can extend the service life and improve the security. But how to maintain the passenger elevator, and what is the correct maintenance method? See the text below for details.

passenger elevator

  1. Safety work before maintenance

  The maintenance of the elevator needs special staff, so when the staff arrive at the scene, they should first find the person in charge to register, and understand whether the elevator can operate normally during this period and what kind of situation has occurred, so that they can pay attention to it during the maintenance. Then get the key of the computer room and start the maintenance inspection.

  2. Maintenance of computer room

  When maintaining the passenger elevator, it is necessary to put a stop sign at the door. After arriving at the shed, there are more places to check and maintain. It depends on the wear of the motor, brake pad and steel wire rope.

  Through the introduction of the above text, we should know about the problems of passenger maintenance. Frequent maintenance and repair is also to provide security.

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