Passenger elevator usage specifications and precautions


  Passenger elevator usage specifications and precautions

  Passenger elevators are the most common. Passenger elevators can be used in major shopping malls and corporate office buildings. In order to make passenger elevators operate safely and stably and have a longer service life, they should be operated in accordance with passenger elevator specifications. Then, What are the specifications and precautions for the use of passenger elevators?

Passenger elevator usage specifications and precautions

  1. Remember not to overload

  When using the passenger elevator, don’t overload it. When the elevator alarm sounds, you should take the initiative to wait. According to the next elevator, you should know that the elevator overload is very dangerous, so everyone shouldn’t. Take the risk and don't overload the elevator.

  2. do not block the elevator door

  When you find that the elevator door is about to close, you must never rush into the elevator, let alone block the elevator door with other objects. Some passengers are very uncivilized when they take the elevator. One foot is inside the elevator, and one foot is inside the elevator. Outside the elevator, this is not conducive to the safe operation of the elevator, and it may also cause harm to yourself.

  3. Don't press the emergency button casually

  The passenger elevator usage specification clearly stipulates that users cannot press the emergency switch casually. The emergency button is usually set to cope with unexpected situations. Therefore, if the elevator is in normal operation, remember that you must not press these emergency switches. Twisted.

  4. the elevator can not open the door to run

  If the elevator door starts before it is closed, it means that the elevator has malfunctioned and passengers cannot take the ride, and it should be reported to the maintenance personnel in time.

  In addition, the specifications for the use of passenger elevators clearly stipulate that no passenger can take the elevator that is under maintenance. There is a sign to stop the elevator for maintenance, so use must be avoided.

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