Application technology of elevator in life


What are the application technologies of elevators in life, let us understand.

1. All-digital passenger recognition technology (all passengers are recognized before entering the elevator, including eyeball recognition and fingerprint recognition)

2. Digital intelligent security control technology (through passenger identification system or IC card and digital monitoring equipment, foreign personnel are denied entry)

3. The fourth-generation machine-room-less elevator technology (the main engine must be separated from the guide rail and the car, there is no resonance at all, the speed can reach 2.0M/S or more, and the highest can be used on the 30th floor.)

Application technology of elevator in life

4. Two-way safety protection technology (two-way safety gear, two-way speed limiter, must be used in Europe, China is being widely used)

5. Quick installation technology (change the elevator installation method in the past, can quickly assemble)

6. Energy-saving technology (using energy-saving technology to make the elevator more energy-efficient)

7. Digital monitoring technology (fully use computers for elevator monitoring and control)

8. Wireless remote control and alarm device (when the elevator fails, the elevator can send fault information to the mobile phone through the wireless device, and send a signal through the mobile phone to control the elevator simply.)

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