The development significance of the elevator


In 1853, Mr. Otis' invention completely rewritten the history of human use of lifting tools. Since then, riding the elevator is no longer a "game for the brave", and the elevator has been widely used worldwide. In December 1889, the American Otis Elevator Company produced a veritable elevator. It uses a DC motor as the power to drive the rope wound on the drum through a worm gear reducer to suspend and lift the car.

Life continues, technology is developing, and elevators are also improving. In the past 150 years, the materials of elevators have changed from black and white to color, and the styles have changed from straight to oblique. In terms of control and control, it has developed new steps-handle switch operation, button control, signal control, collective control, man-machine dialogue, etc. , Many elevators also appear in parallel control, intelligent group control; double-deck elevators show the advantages of saving hoistway space and improving transportation capacity;

The development significance of the elevator

The emergence of variable-speed moving sidewalk escalators greatly saves pedestrians' time;

Different shapes-fan-shaped, triangular, semi-diamond, semi-circular, and full-circle sightseeing elevators make the sight of passengers in them no longer closed.

FM door control, intelligent remote monitoring, host energy saving, control cabinet low noise and durability, composite steel belt environmental protection-a new type of elevator that incorporates the latest scientific research results of mankind in the fields of machinery, electronics, optics, etc. is coming out, a cold building Therefore, the brilliance of human nature is scattered, and people's lives become better.

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