Classification of elevators by control method


  According to elevator control methods, elevators can be divided into the following categories.

  The handle switch is operated. The elevator driver controls the handle switch of the control panel in the car to realize the operation status of starting, rising, falling, leveling and stopping of the elevator.

  Button control elevator is a simple automatic control elevator with automatic leveling function. There are two common control modes: button control outside the car and button control inside the car.

  Signal control elevator, this is a kind of elevator with a high degree of automatic control. In addition to the functions of automatic leveling and automatic door opening, it also has the functions of car order registration, landing call registration, automatic landing, forward interception and automatic reversing.

Classification of elevators by control method

  Collective control elevator is a fully automatic control elevator developed on the basis of signal control. The main difference from signal control is that it can be operated without a driver.

  Parallel control elevators, the control lines of 2 to 3 elevators are connected in parallel for logical control, sharing the call button outside the landing, and the elevator itself has a collective selection function.

  Group control elevators are controlled by a microcomputer and dispatched multiple elevators in parallel. Group control has the form of ladder group program control, ladder group intelligent control, etc.

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