Crazy in the elevator in the middle of the night! The tragedy of this group of men and women in Bijie, Guizhou


  At 3 o'clock in the morning on July 30, in a KTV elevator on Tangxin Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, two men drank and played violently and slammed into the elevator door, causing the elevator to stop running!

Passenger elevator

  After the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene at 3:46, according to KTV staff member Yang, the elevator car is currently between the first and second floors and 6 people were trapped. From the monitoring in the elevator car, it was seen that two men were arguing in the elevator at that time, and then hit the elevator door and the elevator stopped running. After the firefighters were unable to open the elevator door with the triangular key, they could easily expand the elevator door with a hydraulic expander to save people.

Passenger elevator

  After nearly 10 minutes of hard work, 6 people were successfully rescued.

  Although it is your own skin that caused the trap, firefighters still need to remind the general public: elevator accidents happen from time to time. Do you know that people who repeatedly press the door button and open the door overtime are actually dangerous? How can I help myself if the elevator fails suddenly? Understanding the safety knowledge about elevators may save your life when it is critical!Related Reading:more products

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