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  Why do many home elevators go down to the basement when they fail, so that the passengers trapped inside think that the home elevator will fall and are overly alarmed. Consider the building structure, space and elevator model as reference factors. Whether the elevator hall door lock function of the villa is reliable. At the same time, the operator can complete the work of loading up and downstairs under the condition of low operating force, and can either climb the stairs with the load or transport goods on the ground. Find and solve the signs of failure in time. Trouble phenomenon: Sometimes when the call button is stuck, the elevator will stop at this floor without closing the door. Be careful not to get the towel into the handrail. The safety factor of the villa elevator is a key consideration for each owner. Therefore, when choosing a villa elevator to purchase, it is important to understand the parts and safety configuration of this elevator. Sundries elevator, designed for bookstores, office buildings, restaurants to transport books, documents, food, etc. Square A uses a bristle brush to coat the special ET diluted elevator wire rope grease evenly against the running direction of the wire rope on the surface of the steel wire, or use No. 20 motor oil. The advantage of this method is that it is simple, does not require heat, and is easy to apply. Do not use too much oil, as the rope surface can have a slight penetration.

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  No matter you buy any product, high-quality post-maintenance is the sub-item for you to choose this product. Sightseeing elevator, the car wall is transparent, it is an elevator for passengers to sightsee. Apply calcium base grease. After a home elevator breaks down, the car usually runs to the basement floor automatically, which is actually the home elevator automatically performs position correction. Taking into account the implementation of this program, the implementation of different elevator structures is very different, which is a more inferior professional technical standard, so it must be selected in accordance with the construction characteristics. Whether the electric limit interlocking function of the car and hall door is reliable. Applicability When choosing a wheelchair elevator for the disabled, consider whether the user's future may change. Routine maintenance is usually carried out once every two weeks. Or run after a period of time after the door is forced to close, and then drive to this floor for a period of time each time. Remove dust and oil 1) Clean up dust with diluted detergent, and clean oil and dirt with detergent and warm water.

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  Regular maintenance is to carry out detailed inspection, repair, replacement, and adjustment of certain parts of the equipment in operation, so that the inspected parts meet the necessary standards, and fundamentally guarantee the internal quality of the equipment. Door machine system DC door machine system working principle analysis: Door: When JKM is closed, the current will pass through the motor rotor DM, and the other side will pass through the door resistance RKM, from M2→M3, the door machine rotates towards the door, because at this time RKM The resistance value is larger, and the shunt through RKM is smaller. Use a dry clean cloth to clean the dust on the surface of the decoration. When the villa elevator fails, does the manufacturer have a timely and effective emergency post-emergency system and solution mechanism; when the villa elevator reaches the maintenance date, does it have a professional maintenance team; when the owner has operational problems and wants to inquire, whether it can Get timely and effective feedback from the manufacturer, these are the key factors that determine the user's satisfaction with the use of villa elevators. Vehicle elevator, used as an elevator for loading and transporting vehicles. B Hot coating. This is set up in advance, so that it is convenient for maintenance, otherwise people may walk in the floors above the ground. Consider the type of home elevator, according to different drive types,There are two main categories, one is hydraulic drive mode, and the other is traction drive mode. The former has no advantages, not only has too high noise, but also has a certain impact on the environment, so you are not recommended to choose it. Whether the emergency stop button or safety switch function in the car is reliable. The selected handicapped lift has a rated load capable of carrying a large foreseeable load.

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  The latter is a type of product that improves the shortcomings of hydraulically driven elevators, is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and beautiful, and is the choice of many buildings. Whether the safety clamp limit closing function is reliable. Ensure that the user can be safely transported on the disabled lift, whether sitting, standing or in a wheelchair. Regular maintenance is generally carried out once a month. So the door speed is faster. The surface of the inner panel needs to be cleaned with a neutral detergent until it is dry. Brand is synonymous with better product quality. When we choose products, whether large or small, we often put the brand of the product in the place of investigation, and villa elevator products are no exception.Ship elevators, elevators used on ships. First use a wire brush to remove the dirt and residue on the rope, and wipe it with kerosene (no gasoline cleaning), and heat the oil (a mixture of graphite and petroleum jelly) to over 80°C. Household elevators also usually have an overspeed interlocking mechanism to prevent stalling and falling; there is also a purely mechanical safety gear device between the track and the car, which can mechanically clamp the track to prevent the car from falling when the car falls; there are also in the pit Hydraulic damping buffer.

Sightseeing elevator

  Building construction elevators, elevators for construction and maintenance. The steel wire rope should be moderate, and the surface should be too oily. Therefore, the probability of a falling body situation is still very small. There is still a certain gap between villa elevators and public elevators, mainly in terms of load-bearing capacity and speed. Whether the safety window function is correct. The control device considers the location, type and quantity of the controller to suit users with different disabilities. First of all, when the elevator overspeed reaches 115%, the speed limiter will act, cut off the control circuit, and the elevator will brake. If the brake fails, the speed limiter can move the safety gear through the mechanical device, thereby jamming the elevator on the guide rail.When the elevator door is closed to 3/4 stroke, the closing deceleration limit 1KM is turned on, and most of the resistance of RKM is short-circuited, so that the shunt through RKM is increased, so that the motor speed is reduced, and the function of deceleration of the door is realized. . Maintenance and cleaning of pedals and comb plates. The brand of a villa elevator includes the development history, technical strength, professional ability and cultural background of this elevator.

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  When the door ends, cut off the door interruption limit, make the door relay, and the elevator stops the door. Note: Do not pour the cleaning agent directly on the pedal and comb plate and in the upper and lower machine rooms. If water drips under the pedal and comb plate, it will cause electrical short circuit. A long history of development, strong technical support and professional capabilities, and a profound cultural background and heritage will all be your primary considerations when choosing a villa elevator. In addition to the above-mentioned common elevators, other types of elevators also have special purpose elevators, such as cold storage elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, firefighters elevators, inclined elevators, and nuclear island elevators. Otherwise, the traction force is reduced, and the load moment cannot be balanced in severe cases, and the elevator runs out of control, causing accidents of elevator top and bottom; elevator wire rope slips in the wheel groove, like a saw, which severely wears the rope groove and the wire rope itself.The action of the speed limiter of the villa elevator, the rope clamp will pull the speed limiter rope, and then move down with the villa elevator car. Household elevators are used by a small number of people each time, and the average residence is not too high, about 2 to 5 floors. Whether the functions of the car top control box and control switch are correct and reliable. For example, it is recommended that the lifting operation of the handicapped is by traditional buttons, joysticks or similar devices, unless these platforms are due to the user's disability. If all the above facilities fail, of course, the probability of this happening is very small. You can pick up the back of your foot in the car, bend your knees, and bend over. This will minimize the damage.


  The short-distance operation of the villa elevator should be stable and normal. Consider whether to use key locks, electronic cards or the like to restrict the use of barrier-free elevators such as lifts for disabled persons as authorized users. The elevator has a buffer in the pit, which can also play a certain role. Closing the door: When the JGM pulls in, the current flows through the DM on the one hand, and the door closing resistance RGM on the other side, from M3→M2, so that the door machine rotates in the closing direction. Some common troubleshooting methods for escalators, step-by-step handrails with foaming check and process checkers: When the escalator is running, it is found that the handrails have foaming. Elevator design? As a private customized product used in high-end villa residences, villa elevators must have higher requirements and pursuits in decoration design.AC elevator, an elevator that uses an AC induction motor as the driving force. The characteristics of lubricating oil should have no acid, alkali, no moisture, no moisture absorption; not easy to dry in the atmosphere, not hardening (cracking) at low temperature, not losing at high temperature; with proper viscosity, so as to avoid elevator wire rope running Oil slinging; has the characteristics of enough to penetrate into the elevator wire rope, wire strands and rope core. The action of the overspeed governor rope will drive the safety gear linkage mechanism to pull up the pull rod after the action, and then make the wedge located in the safety gear seat move upwards, contact the villa elevator guide rail and generate, and then drive the safety gear to brake The element makes it come into contact with the villa elevator guide rail, and then the safety gear can effectively clamp the guide rail and stop the elevator car. The speed of villa elevators is generally between 0.4m/s~0.6m/s, the speed of public elevators is between 1m/s~3m/s, and the speed of home elevators is relatively slow.

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  The function of the safety circuit: In order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, many pieces are installed on the elevator. Generally installed on the bottom beam or counterweight beam of the villa elevator car. This is considering comfort and safety issues, this speed is more appropriate. These are the key points and specific parts of the daily maintenance inspection system. The stairlift is a small elevator installed on the side of the stairs. Its purpose is mainly to help people with limited mobility go up and down the stairs. From the appearance, the stair lift chair is like a chair running on the side rail of the stairs. The chair is installed There are buttons for people to operate. In fact, the linear stairlift is mainly used for people with limited mobility, and it can also be used in a variety of buildings. So what are the details about the linear stairlift? Let the experts introduce in detail below. Because the resistance value of RGM is larger at this time, the shunt through RGM is smaller, so the door closing speed is faster. Stop the escalator, grab the handrail belt, and observe whether there is fine foam in the groove at the end of the handrail rail and the groove at the 180-degree wheel. Whether the decoration design is unique, whether it can meet the individual needs of the owner, whether it can be integrated with the villa home decoration style, can it reflect the owner’s pursuit of high-quality life, etc. These factors are all key considerations when choosing a villa elevator of. DC elevator, an elevator that uses a DC motor as the driving force.

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