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  DongAo Elevator is a top brand representing lifting vehicles in the world and a famous brand in the world today. Its first-class quality, moderate price, and high cost performance have quickly won the favor of domestic users. DongAo Elevator Co., Ltd. adopts a large number of advanced technologies and components of motors, and has excellent quality and reputation. Suzhou DongAo elevator has decades of history. Its products are advanced in technology, stable in performance, and complete in variety, especially in the power industry, power generation equipment, information and automation, microelectronics and integrated circuits, industrial equipment control, motor and drag control, etc. The field is well-known worldwide and is in an international leading position. It is a professional elevator manufacturer with decades of history in elevator manufacturing. The company has strong technical force, mature production technology, advanced production equipment and perfect sales network. DongAo Elevator Co., Ltd. designs and adopts DongAo's advanced motor control system and serial data communication technology, which makes the elevator features complete functions, high flexibility, and fast speed.The bus technology of DongAo elevator is advanced in technology, mature in technology, and its high reliability and anti-interference are outstanding. In particular, DongAo elevator takes the lead in introducing the concept of network control into the elevator control system, and realizes the distributed modular control. The application and function expansion of artificial intelligence technology have reached an unprecedented height, and the control theory of elevators has gone further to network, personification, and fuzzy control.

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  Excellent quality, outstanding drag

  The key component of the elevator drive system—DongAo frequency conversion system is manufactured with cash military technology, and it has been in the international leading position in the world frequency conversion system manufacturing industry.

  Due to the use of the most advanced insulated gate bipolar field effect power transistor IGBT, the inverter realizes the PWM control of the high frequency carrier, which significantly reduces the noise of the motor, and has low power consumption and long life. With digital speed setting S-curve acceleration/deceleration and torque offset function to compensate for load changes, it can provide high-precision control and high reliability in long-term operation and temperature fluctuations, especially in the control speed accuracy , Reaching ±0.01%, which is recognized as the highest current level in the industry in the world. Such an advanced driving system provides DongAo elevator with the best power, voltage and frequency, making the elevator run more sensitive, smooth and smooth, and bringing passengers a more stable, comfortable, warm, safe and reliable riding feeling.

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  Today, DongAo's comprehensive cooperation and joint venture will surely bring more high-quality elevator products and perfect sales services to users, and create a more perfect loading space for you.

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