Dongao Elevator continues to contribute to the construction of a happy city


  Dong'ao Elevator helps city construction

  In the context of today's intensified urbanization, the density of cities puts forward higher requirements on the space utilization of buildings. In the 2020 Gengzi Year, the industry will face the hits of survival, stability and technological innovation. As one of the indispensable and important participants in modern urbanization, the elevator industry has also ushered in unprecedented possibilities and challenges.

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  It is understood that the elevator market demand is generally facing the risk of slowing growth, and Dongao Elevator has injected wonderful vitality into the market, and can strengthen close strategic cooperation with large-scale real estate companies and agents through the expansion of intensive sales channels; another On the one hand, on the basis of large-scale business, we will improve the quality of products and services, and continue to increase brand awareness and market share. Whether it is product development, manufacturing, and subsequent maintenance and upgrading services, Dong'ao Elevator is actively exploring ways to improve efficiency: including the development of smart and healthy elevator solutions, upgrading the elevator Internet of Things remote monitoring system, and transferring a high degree of automation Production lines, and the establishment of an efficient business management system.

  This year, Dong'ao Elevator has successively established strategic partnerships with many leaders in China's real estate industry to join hands to create a beautiful and intelligent human settlement facing the future.

  In addition to the expansion of the new elevator market, Dongao Elevator has also accelerated its deployment in the old building retrofit market.

  In the face of the accelerated development of urbanization and aging in my country, the installation of elevators in existing residences has become a hot spot of people's livelihood and has been written into the government work report for the third time. It is understood that Dongao Elevator is good at adapting measures to local conditions and designing the best engineering schemes. Whether it is a flat or half-storey building, balcony or staircase entrance, it can be easily controlled, and the old buildings can be revitalized with professional technology. Up to now, Dong'ao Elevator has completed the elevator installation projects of large-scale livelihood projects such as the Family Building of the State Forestry Administration, Suzhou Xinjing 5th Village, and Chongqing Tongliang Xinhe Garden.

  It is not difficult to see the rapid growth of Dong'ao elevator business from the establishment of strategic relationships with more and more well-known real estate companies, Dong'ao's layout in the retrofitting market of old buildings and the increase in the market share of new elevators. It is understood that reliable product quality and meticulous service have been the magic weapon for Dong'ao Elevator for a long time. For a long time, Dongao Elevator adheres to the caring and attentive service strategy, adheres to the service tenet of "Always think more about you", listens carefully to the voice of customers, and provides safe products and humanized services through patented means.

  It is foreseeable that Dongao Elevator's continuous efforts in product development and manufacturing will once again unleash its potential, surpass itself, sublimate changes, ensure a better life with technology, build a happy city with wisdom, enhance people's livelihood and win a better future.>>>more news

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