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  Elevator refers to a permanent transportation equipment that serves several specific floors in a building, and its car runs on at least two rows of rigid rails that are perpendicular to the horizontal plane or whose inclination angle to the plumb line is less than 15°. There is also a stepped type, the stepper is installed on the track to run continuously, commonly known as the escalator or moving walk. Fixed lifting equipment serving the specified floors.

  Many purchasers do not know where to start when choosing elevators. Looking at some keyword data searched by Baidu, there are quite a lot of questions about elevator prices, configuration, and selection on the Internet.

  In fact, elevators and automobiles, computers and other commodities are also consistent, that is, "demand determines configuration, and configuration determines price." This issue of Suzhou East Aodesen Elevator Co., Ltd. will introduce the common sense of elevator purchase and several issues to pay attention to when buying elevators!

Freight elevator

  How to choose a home elevator?

  1. The selection of small home elevators needs to be considered in consideration of civil construction costs, equipment costs, and ease of use, and you must choose an elevator suitable for your own family.

  2. For small household elevators, it is best to choose some elevators with no machine room or elevators with or without pits based on the characteristics of your own house. This will not only save the use area of ??the house to the greatest extent, but also have a higher cost performance.

  3. It is not recommended to choose cheap second-hand equipment when purchasing small household elevators. Although the price of second-hand equipment is very low, it is often not safe in use and cannot be compared with new equipment in terms of power consumption. Moreover, there is no second-hand equipment in home elevators, because home elevators are customized products, and the elevator height and reserved size are different.

  How to choose a commercial elevator?

  1. When purchasing commercial elevators, you must make a good comparison. In addition to having a good understanding of the specific market conditions of the elevator market, you must also choose a few more commercial elevator products for comparison. Excellent choice.

Grocery elevator

  2. Consider the implementation plan. Different elevator structures have very different implementation plans. This requires a higher level of professional technology, so the choice must be combined with the characteristics of the building. Consider the building structure, the layout of the space and the model of the elevator.

  3. When purchasing commercial elevators, you must choose high-quality, safe and reliable elevator products, and put safety in the first place, so as to avoid safety accidents, otherwise people's personal safety will be threatened. Many commercial elevators with very gorgeous appearance are not practical. They are often flashy. We must not be confused by the gorgeous appearance of elevators. We must choose dur

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