Peace Plaza held an elevator safety promotion and emergency rescue exercise


  Elevator safety publicity and emergency rescue exercises were held in Peace Square.

  During the drill, the elevator maintenance personnel performed the cranking rescue work in the top floor machine room.

  Elevator maintenance personnel rescued the "trapped" personnel.

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  Hangzhou Daily Mail, July 31 (correspondent Huang Haiping and Liu Jia) On the morning of July 25, the Hangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration, together with the Hangzhou Branch of the Provincial Special Inspection Institute and the Xiacheng Market Supervision Bureau, held an elevator safety promotion and The emergency rescue exercise is aimed at further strengthening the emergency rescue and handling capacity of elevator accidents and improving the safety awareness of the people.

  With the development of the economy, the elevator, as a modern vertical means of transportation, has become increasingly important in the process of urbanization, and elevator safety has also become one of the important livelihood issues. At the event site, the publicity of special equipment safety knowledge and the rescue process were broadcasted on-site by broadcasting promotional videos, issuing elevator safety promotional materials, and holding prize-winning Q&A activities in the Peace Plaza, attracting the participation of many people in the past.

  During the exercise, a simulated elevator failure occurred on the 28th floor of a nearby building. After the staff of Beijingyuan Smart Property received the rescue alarm, Suzhou East Aodesen Elevator Co., Ltd. immediately activated the elevator failure emergency rescue plan and kept the call with the trapped passengers To calm the emotions of the trapped passengers, rescuers rushed to the scene with relevant equipment for emergency rescue, and through measures such as cranking and leveling, the passengers trapped in the elevator were rescued at the fastest speed and the elevator was restored to normal operation.

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  "The purpose of holding this exercise is to let everyone know more about elevators, use elevators correctly, and correctly respond to sudden elevator failures, so as to avoid unnecessary elevator safety accidents." After the exercise, the Hangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau The deputy director made a wonderful summary and commented that the elevator emergency rescue drills organized by the market supervision department for a long time are an important part of safety work. Through the drills, the safety knowledge of special equipment is popularized to the society, the elevator safety awareness is promoted, and the elevator maintenance company is continuously improved. The professionalism and business ability of the company will enhance the emergency response and rescue capabilities.

  The maintenance director of Suzhou East Aodesen Elevator Co., Ltd. said that as a maintenance company, it has a heavy responsibility and will fully support and cooperate with the work deployment and arrangements of the elevator industry’s competent authorities, and implement various aspects of "eliminating hidden accidents and strengthening safety lines" Specific work, in-depth investigation of hidden dangers of safety risks, solid progress in rectification of problems, improve the level of emergency response and rescue, effectively safeguard the safety of people's lives and properties, and contribute to the safe use and management of elevators.Related reading: <a title="products" href="https://www.daselevator.com/product"

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