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  Today's elevators pay attention to the concept of safety, stability and speed. The quality of the elevator will directly affect the customer's sense of identity with the elevator, and it is more related to the safety of human life, so the quality must pass. DongAo has decades of experience in R&D and production of elevators, and has the following characteristics in terms of quality:

Passenger elevator

  Security upgrade again

  is the first to adopt multiple elevator protections, which further enhances safety and protects passengers' safety to the utmost. It fully embodies Winone's design philosophy.

  UCMP carbin accident protection equipment

  In the elevator hall, the car door can be prevented from accidentally stopping or accidentally stopped in the elevator hall, and the car can be accidentally moved away from the ground station to prevent personal injury and equipment damage.

Passenger elevator

  Floor door anti-vibration device

  The impact-resistant landing door system further enhances the impact resistance of the landing door system, effectively preventing the danger of falling into the well due to the impact of the landing door system, and further ensuring the safety of elevator related personnel.

  Car door anti-claw device

  When the elevator door is opened in the unlocked area, it can prevent passengers from falling into the hoistway, further ensuring the safety of elevator passengers.

Passenger elevator

  Environmental protection and energy saving, leading the new trend of the future

  The industry-leading new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine has completely reduced the operating cost of the elevator, met the requirements of saving energy and space, and creatively used energy feedback technology to apply it to the elevator field. The potential energy in elevator operation is effectively converted into an electric energy feedback network, which greatly reduces the harmonic pollution of the power supply and realizes energy regeneration.

  WINONE innovative technology, safety is the top priority

  DongAo Elevator's IoT monitoring system, precise position control system, sensitive seismic operation function, microcomputer group control system, all innovative technology applications embody DongAo Elevator's safety priority principle. Every detail reflects our close attention to customers.

Passenger elevator

 Mini computer room and machine-less room open a new era of energy saving and material saving

  DongAo small machine room/machine room-less passenger elevator improves the operation efficiency of the elevator, makes the elevator lighter and more environmentally friendly, thus saving valuable construction area and electricity.

  Permanent magnet synchronous gearless small machine room, elevator without machine room

  Energy consumption is 30% less than traditional tractor. Compared with traditional tractors, the transmission efficiency is increased by 25% and 30% respectively.

  With the above-mentioned high-standard features, are you still worried about problems with DongAo’s elevators? If you want to have a safe, stable and fast elevator, please contact us, we will customize an elevator that meets your requirements for you, so that you are 100% satisfied.Related Reading:more products

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