How much does the passenger elevator cost


  How much does the passenger elevator cost?

  Everyone has taken elevators, but they don’t know much about elevators. If the elevator is of good quality, it will be more stable and durable when riding. There are many passenger elevators. What is the cost of passenger elevators?

How much does the passenger elevator cost

  1. Price

  The cost price of passenger elevator is 90,000-105,000 per unit, and the general ex-factory price is about 100,000-120,000 per unit. This kind of cost does not include the sales cost, that is, the cost of an elevator. Elevators usually have a 5% profit when they are sold, so the price for the agent is about 105-12.6 million per unit.

  2. Purchase price

  For example, the elevators in many communities are purchased. At this time, the real estate developer is equivalent to buying the elevators by adopting the method. Then there will be some bidding fees in the process, so the elevator price needs to increase naturally in this case. .

  Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has an understanding of the cost of passenger elevators. Different purchase methods have different prices, so this point needs to be paid attention to.

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