How to maintain the electrical parts of the elevator?


  Electrical components are roughly divided into control panels, electrical switches of various safety circuits, etc. It is the brain of the elevator and the central nerve of the elevator. It controls the starting and running of the elevator and the opening and closing of doors, so it must be used in daily maintenance work. Treat it as a top priority.

How to maintain the electrical parts of the elevator?

  It is best not to short-circuit the elevator circuit in the control panel during work. When the elevator door system fails, someone short-circuits the elevator door for convenience to find the fault. This is very dangerous. Short-circuiting the door has the most accidents.

  why? If a person opens the hall door and stretches his head inward, the elevator will just move up or down to this point, and the elevator cannot stop if the hall door is short-circuited, so an accident is very likely to occur. Therefore, in our daily maintenance work, we must not short-circuit the safety circuit. If we must short-circuit, we must find out which safety component has a problem, which safety component needs to be short-circuited, and maintain or repair it urgently. Be sure to remove the short-circuit wire in time.

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