Introduction of special elevators


  Special elevators are divided into the following categories.

  (1) Inclined elevator, the car runs along the inclined guide rail in the inclined hoistway, it is a conveying equipment integrating sightseeing and transportation. Especially after the house was moved to the mountainous area due to the shortage of land, the inclined elevator developed rapidly.

  (2) Elevators for multi-story parking lots can be equipped with different types of elevators for different parking lots.

  (3) Building construction elevators are machines that use rack and pinion meshing methods (including pin-tooth drive and chain drive, or use wire rope to lift) to make the cage move vertically or inclined to transport people or materials. Used in building construction and maintenance. It can also be used as a long-term vertical transportation machine for warehouses, docks, docks, high towers, and high chimneys.

Introduction of special elevators

  (4) Fire elevators are used to transport firefighters, passengers and fire-fighting equipment in the event of a fire.

  (5) Cold storage elevators transport frozen goods in large cold storage or refrigeration workshops. However, it needs to meet the requirements of sealing and water immersion in movable parts such as door leaf and guide rail.

  (6) Mine elevators are used for transporting personnel and goods in mines.

  (7) Special elevators For use under special environmental conditions, such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, heat-resistant and other special purpose elevators.

  (8) Slideway elevators are configured in buildings and are often used in parallel with buildings and sidewalks.

  (9) Carriage Elevator Aircraft weighing tens of tons or hundreds of tons in the hangar are lifted vertically to the runway of the airport.

  (10) Door crane elevator In the door legs of a large gantry crane, the staff and maintenance parts in the gantry crane are transported.

  (11) Stair elevator. People sit on a chair driven by a motor and control the button on the handle of the chair to make the power driving device at the bottom of the chair drive the chair to move up and down along the rails of the stair railing.

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