Is the passenger elevator vibration too obvious? Is it normal?


  In the process of using some passenger elevators, careful friends will find that the vibration is very obvious, and even make people feel very flustered. This is caused by the special elevator structure and the irregular car. Everyone can accept a slight vibration, but if it is too obvious, is it normal? This is of course a matter of concern, and we will introduce the situation in more detail next.

  1. timely inspection and maintenance

  Some friends think it’s just the passenger elevator that vibrates obviously. It’s not a big problem. Just keep using it. Is this idea correct? As we gradually grasp more information, we will understand that this is a wrong idea. Elevators with severe vibration must have problems that cannot be ignored. It is necessary to contact the staff for inspection and maintenance as soon as possible.

Is the passenger elevator vibration too obvious? Is it normal?

  2. try to choose professional company products

  Many people think that passenger elevator vibration is an unavoidable problem, but professional companies rely on rich experience and advanced production technology to solve the problem. In the trial process, everyone will find that apart from no obvious vibration, even the noise is very small. This is the high-quality elevator that modern buildings should use.

  Now that I have finished introducing the related matters, friends who have patiently read the above content will of course understand that passenger elevator vibration is a problem that needs to be paid attention to and dealt with. It would be better if you didn't know how to do it before, but now you can solve it in the right way as soon as possible.

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