Safety issues of elevators


  The elevator has multiple safety devices, but there are also many problems. Some people have been caught because of abnormal elevator door opening, some people have encountered elevator button failure, the display screen is black and the floor is not clear, and some people have experienced straight The danger of dropping a few floors. Although it may not have caused personal injury, taking the elevator is not for excitement or acting in a movie. The real life is disturbed by frequent elevator accidents.

Safety issues of elevators

  Elevator failure has a serious impact on the safety of the elevator. Elevator failures are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  1. The electrical safety device fails;

  2. Insufficient braking torque;

  3. Insufficient traction;

  4. The overspeed governor fails;

  5. The safety gear fails.

  In addition, failure to comply with the elevator's rated load (number of occupants), serious overloading, or large deviations in the estimated load weight and overloading, may cause the elevator to squat.

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