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The five newly installed elevators in the sanitation building community of Gucheng Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing have been completed and have undergone internal commissioning and non-passenger trial operation. The picture shows the residents trying to take the elevator.

Three silver-gray elevators with glass curtain walls make an old building built in the Shijingshan Sanitation Building community stand out in the 1980s and 1990s. The reporter learned from the Shijingshan District Housing and Urban-rural Construction Committee that the newly installed elevators in the community have been completed and have undergone internal commissioning and non-passenger trial operation.

The additional elevator project of the Gucheng Sanitation Building was launched in May 2017. After completion, it will be provided to residents for a fee on a monthly or counted fee basis. In order to facilitate elderly residents, the elevator is equipped with a face recognition method to open the door. Scan the QR code on WeChat to pay for the elevator.

"This community is an old building in the 1980s and 1990s, with outdated infrastructure and incomplete functional facilities. Most of the people living here are retired sanitation workers. The five-story building has no elevator and it is particularly difficult to get up and down the ages. Shi Yifei, deputy director of the Shijingshan District Housing and Urban-rural Construction Commission, said, "In 2017, the comprehensive renovation of the old community in our district listed the sanitation building community as a pilot community, involving a total of 4 buildings with a construction area of ​​13,353 square meters and involving 228 households."

Han Baoli, the deputy general manager of the elevator construction party, told reporters, "The noise value during elevator operation is not more than 50 decibels (normal people speak about 65 decibels). The elevator uses a two-way power supply system. In the case of one power failure, the other is provided immediately. Electricity supplementation, even if the elderly and children take the elevator alone, there is no need to worry about being trapped in the elevator." It is understood that while this elevator meets the basic functions of the elevator, it also reserves WeChat payment function, remote monitoring function, multimedia publicity function, etc. The advanced interface provides conditions for the intelligentization of elevator functions.>>>more Products

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