The misunderstood passenger elevator


  The misunderstood passenger elevator

  With the development of the society, the floor building is constantly rising, and the elevator is advancing with The Times. People's daily life is more and more inseparable from the elevator, but the vast majority of people do not know the elevator. Let's talk about a few mistakes that we think:

The misunderstood passenger elevator

  Climb to the ceiling to escape:

  "The elevator has two doors, one is the hall door and the other is the car door. An automatic locking device is installed on the hall door. Once locked, unless the elevator car runs in place and the hall door and car door overlap, the mechanical lock hook locks You can’t open it if you die.” According to the relevant person in charge of Xi’an Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institute, in an emergency, only professional certificate holders can use the special triangular key to open the lock hook to open the hall door.

  "The scene of pushing up the ceiling and climbing out of the elevator is often played in the movie. It is quite exaggerated. Although there is an emergency exit on the top of the elevator, it needs to be opened and a special key is required to open it." Moreover, maintenance personnel work on the top of the elevator car. In places, there are only work railings around, ordinary people on the top of the elevator, not only cannot escape from the hoistway, but it is even prone to danger and cause injury

  If the elevator fails, it will suddenly fall:

  The brake system of the elevator is normally closed, that is to say, it is in the brake state when there is no electricity, and the brake is opened by electricity only when it is to be turned on. So when the power goes out, the brake is closed and the elevator is braked in mid-air. So when the elevator descends abnormally, cut off the power supply and the elevator stops. In addition to the normally closed brake, there are actually several insurances in the elevator to protect you.For the elevator falling in the movie to happen, N heavy insurance must be broken. This probability is actually very small.

  Suffocation occurs when trapped in an elevator:

  Many passengers worry that after a failure and trapped in the elevator, in a small elevator, the lack of timely rescue will lead to suffocation. In fact, the current national standards for elevators have strict regulations that only when the ventilation reaches the required effect can they be put on the market. In addition, some of the connecting positions of the elevator car with ventilation devices, such as the connection between the car wall and the car roof, have gaps, which are generally enough for people's breathing needs.

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