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  Elevator and common sense

  In life, the elevator is a life tool we often use to go up and down, which brings us a lot of convenience. But how much do you know about elevator types and safety knowledge?

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  As an elevator manufacturer, let’s talk about elevator and elevator safety common sense:

  The main elevators we use now are van passenger elevators, escalators and special freight elevators. Special freight elevators are arranged for special needs. Relatively speaking, we don’t use many. Let’s take a look at the van passenger elevators and escalators. safety knowledge:

  Van-type passenger elevator:

  This type of van passenger elevator is installed and used in high-rise buildings and public places. In each elevator, there will be safety prompts and emergency contact numbers.

  Escalators are used in public places with a large flow of people, subway entrances and exits, shopping malls and supermarkets.

  Beside the escalator, there will be safety precautions about riding the elevator.

  When we take the escalator, we must follow the safety instructions.

  1. Don't crowd or fight on the elevator, take care of it, and tie your shoelaces to avoid being caught in the shoelaces.

  2. Ladies wearing high heels should be careful not to step on the gaps of the pedals. Without shoes, they are more likely to be caught by the tooth plate.

  3. Passengers who wear long skirts and strappy sandals when taking the escalator should try to stand slightly in the middle of the escalator to avoid the danger of shoes and clothing being caught in the escalator, and avoid the skirt or trousers from getting stuck.

  4. When passengers are riding on the escalator, because they are leaning on the skirt side panel on the side of the escalator, the skirt side panel does not move, but the feet move with the steps, the passengers will lose their balance and fall. Especially when you are carrying a lot of parcels while riding in the elevator, you can't hold the handrails well, and you are more likely to fall on the escalator. Therefore, when we take the escalator, we must stand firmly and do not lean on the skirt side board on the side of the escalator.

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  Suzhou Dongao Desen Elevator Co. Ltd. once again reminded: The elevator is a good means of transportation, but if you do not follow the elevator safety regulations, once an accident is discovered, there is really no regret for taking medicine.>>>More product details

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