What are the characteristics of machine room-less elevators?


  The features of machine room-less elevators are as follows:

  1. The main machine, drive cabinet and control cabinet of the machine-roomless elevator are installed on the upper part of the hoistway, and no special machine room is required. Compared with the traditional elevator, it has a great advantage in terms of beautiful appearance.

  2. The high reliability of machine room-less elevator operation and its luxurious configuration make it suitable for various high-end office buildings, star-rated hotels, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centers, fashionable residential districts and other occasions.

What are the characteristics of machine room-less elevators?

  Its outstanding advantages are as follows:

  1. Green and environmentally friendly, no special elevator machine room is needed, saving space and cost.

  2. Low vibration, low noise, stable and reliable.

  3. High efficiency and energy saving.

  4. Easy to install and maintain.

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