What are the disadvantages of the machine-room-less elevator compared with the machine-room elevator?


  Many people do not know much about the machine room-less home elevator and the machine-room home elevator when they choose to install the home elevator, let alone the difference between the two, so what are the disadvantages of the machine-room elevator compared with the machine room elevator?

  1. Noise, vibration and limitations of use

  There are two popular ways to place the host of the machine roomless: one is that the host is placed on the top of the car and connected by guide wheels in the hoistway. No matter which method is used, the noise impact is very large, because the rigid connection is adopted. And the noise must be digested in the shaft, plus the sound of the brake, the sound of the fan will be amplified. Therefore, in terms of noise, the machine room is obviously larger than the machine room.

What are the disadvantages of the machine-room-less elevator compared with the machine-room elevator

  2. Temperature influence

  The heat of the elevator is relatively large, and its various electronic components are relatively poor in withstanding high temperature. Moreover, the machine room elevators and machine room elevators used now use permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machines. The temperature should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to cause "loss of magnetism" phenomenon. Therefore, the current national standard has clear regulations on the temperature and exhaust air volume of the computer room. The main heating components such as the machine room of the machine room are all in the shaft. Due to the lack of corresponding cooling and exhaust facilities, the temperature of the machine room-less elevator has a greater impact on the machine machine and control cabinet, especially the fully transparent sightseeing elevator is not suitable for installation. In the machine room-less elevator, the heat accumulated in the elevator cannot be discharged. Therefore, choosing this type of elevator must be heavy.

  3. Fault maintenance and personnel rescue

  The maintenance and management of machine-room-less elevators is not as convenient as machine-room elevators. The maintenance and debugging of the machine roomless elevator is troublesome, because the best elevator will inevitably fail, and the machine roomless elevator is because the main machine is installed on the beam, and the main machine is in the hoistway. It is very troublesome if there is a problem with the main machine (motor), so , The national standard clearly stipulates that the safety window of the machine room elevator can not be added, and the machine room must be added to facilitate the rescue and repair, and the convenience and safety of the maintenance of the host. Therefore, the machine room elevator occupies an absolute advantage in terms of maintenance. If there is space, it is still It is recommended to use the machine room.

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