What are the general specifications of passenger elevators


  What are the general specifications of passenger elevators?

  The most common elevator is the passenger elevator. What is the specification of the passenger elevator? This kind of elevator actually does not have a standard size, and different manufacturers have different designs in terms of specifications. However, there are several specifications of elevators on the market. Let me introduce them in detail below.


What are the general specifications of passenger elevators


  1. Dimensions

  The current passenger elevator specifications on the market are 1900*2000, 2000*2100, and 2100*2300. These specifications are more common, and this type of elevator is generally suitable for passengers.

  2. Weight

  Passenger elevator specifications actually have a great relationship with the carrying capacity. The general elevator carrying capacity is about 1 ton, but some elevators are about 2 tons, but this kind of elevator is generally suitable for some places with more people, such as shopping malls and amusement parks. Fields, hospitals, etc.

  The above is the introduction of passenger elevator specifications. I hope that through these introductions, everyone can understand the passenger elevator in detail. Generally speaking, it is not possible to take this type of elevator. If it is too large, it will be dangerous, so it is better to take the elevator within the specified range. Well, this point requires everyone to pay attention to it.

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