What are the precautions for elevator maintenance


  During the designated period of elevator maintenance, the elevator components in operation are inspected, refueled, dust removed, and safety devices are debugged. Including non-destructive testing and lubrication maintenance of elevator traction ropes.


  1. The elevator is composed of two parts: mechanical and electrical. If the elevator is not maintained on a daily basis, the safety of the elevator will not be guaranteed. If the elevator is not refueled when it needs to be refueled, it will cause wear and damage to the elevator mechanical parts, greatly shorten the service life of the elevator, and make it impossible to use the elevator normally. 

What are the precautions for elevator maintenance

  2. In the elevator use process, some elevator users find temporary workers or unqualified companies to do elevator maintenance in order to reduce costs and save money. Once there is a safety problem, even the responsible unit cannot be found. If the maintenance is carried out by an elevator manufacturer or a qualified professional company, on the one hand, the maintenance technology and quality are guaranteed, and on the other hand, if there is a problem, someone will be responsible.

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