Why are machine-room-less elevators favored by many families?


  In the home elevator market, machine-room-less elevators have won the favor of many families. The following is a specific introduction to the reasons for the popularity of machine-room-less elevators.

  1. Mature technology

  Machine-room-less elevators have gone through more than 100 years of development and currently have mature technology. The machine-room-less elevators currently on the market are the fifth-generation traction type machine-room-less home elevators, which can be installed in high-rise residential buildings or in villas. , There are no restrictions on floors, and it takes up less space.

  2. Market share

  The market share of machine-room-less elevators is very high, with a share of more than 99%. Other types of elevators are far lower than those with machine-room-less elevators.

Why are machine-room-less elevators favored by many families?

  3. Cost of use

  The daily cost of using the machine roomless elevator is very low. The power consumption of the machine is equivalent to a refrigerator and only a few cents a day.

  4. Service life

  The service life of the machine roomless elevator is relatively long, which can reach a hundred years. Under normal circumstances, the service life of this type of elevator can reach more than 50 years.

  In summary, the reason why the machine room-less elevators analyzed are popular in the market. In addition to the advantages described above, the owners can also customize them according to their own needs.

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