Raw materials

We strcly inspect and control the quality of raw ma-terials

In addition to the highly efficient intelligent control system, the company's small machine room elevator also uses a small traction machine and a thin design of the control cabinet, making the machine room of the elevator smaller and the layout more compact. The company's new generation of small machine room series products,Realize the enterprise's energy saving concept

Production management

The production department will produce according to the reqirements of the engineer

The production department will produce according to the requirements of eningeer,Evevy workshop has a production schedule every day.In this way,all works clearly know projrct is being produced.Check machine status before peration.


Pay attention to product packaging and transportation

We use strong plywood,which can withstand long-term transportation.For some important parts,such as control cabinets,diir macgube systems and mainframes,the parts will parts first be covered with a firm film,with a desiccant, and then put into the box .


High-quality production service and after-sales service

A : In production, we provide customized elevator services. For non-standard elevators, our team is experienced and skilled. Ability to develop and produce according to customer needs to satisfy customers. B:OEM service: If you want to produce your own brand of elevator, you can authorize us, we can print your company logo and contact information on the car control box to help you expand your local business. C:After-sales service, entrust the local agent to maintain or arrange it by the customer. If necessary, we arrange professional workers for installation、troubleshooting and commissioning.



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