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Home lift cost - Dongao Elevator is a professional manufacturer of passenger elevators, freight elevators and other elevators, with dozens of partners worldwide,Suzhou Dongao Desen Elevator Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in the development and production of various elevators.The main products are:passenger elevators,freight elevators, escalators,sidewalks,hospital elevators,home elevators,etc.Welcome to buy us The products are guaranteed after sale.

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Home lift cost - Dongao Elevator Factory

Home lift cost


Home lift cost



Home lift cost Dongao Elevator Factory

Product Application

GENERAL elevator communicates with the world. Keeps in pace with the GENERAL passenger elevator series has ample and flexible car designs. It can integrate with multiple buildings into one. It especially suits the progressively increasing medium and high rises. It is the best choice for the hotel, restaurant, office building, commercial and residential building, recreation center, shopping center etc. GENERAL pledges by its own fine quality that an excellent elevator system vitalizes your building. It grants you to enjoy extraordinary noble and deluxe feelings.


Home lift cost Dongao Elevator Factory


1.2Years Free Guarantee;

2. Local Installation Team and After Service;

3. Engineer with Practical experience and English Speaking;

4. Professional In Very Small Shaft For Overseas Market;

5. European Brand Motor With CE Certification;

6. Stainless Steel with International Standard SS304 1.5 mm;

7. Most parts same as Kone, Otis, Thyssenkrupp with Famous Brand;


Home lift cost Dongao Elevator Factory

Main Features

1) Highly secure infrared light curtain system.


2) Energy feedback technology.


3) Configuration, changeable styles free configurations.


4) Its noble and imposing appearance shows fine demeanor of famous brand.


5) It has both humane and individual properties with compatibly durable and comfortable performance.


Home lift cost Dongao Elevator Factory


1. Local Installation and after-sales service team

2. Remote wireless control

3. All main parts with CE certification

4. OEM for Otis, Thyssenkrupp. Most parts same as Kone, Otis, Thyssenkrupp with Famous Brand

5. Multiple security protection to ensure safety

6. Less maintenance cost, All our parts with Brand can easily buy from market

7. Very Smooth & Steady, make you feel like on the ground

8. Long-term guarantee

We will provide you with professional and feasible solutions according to your needs
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