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passenger elevator about - Dongao Elevator is a professional manufacturer of passenger elevators, freight elevators and other elevators, with dozens of partners worldwide,Suzhou Dongao Desen Elevator Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in the development and production of various elevators.The main products are:passenger elevators,freight elevators, escalators,sidewalks,hospital elevators,home elevators,etc.Welcome to buy us The products are guaranteed after sale.


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passenger elevator about - Dongao Elevator Factory

passenger elevator about - Dongao Elevator Factory

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After-sales service: online technical support

Project solution ability: graphic design

Application: home office

Design style: modern

made in China

Brand Name: Dongao

Usage: Passenger elevator

Drive type: AC, AC, traction

Elevator type: passenger elevator, passenger elevator

Type: Elevator

Control: VVVF elevator control system

Cabin surface treatment: mirror-etched stainless steel, hairline stainless steel

Handrail: flat or round handrail

Keywords: the best cheap passenger elevator

Product name: The best and cheap passenger elevator


Supply capacity:

500 units per month


Luxury, high-quality, best-selling home elevators:


Dong'ao Elevator has spread all over the world. Dongao integrates design, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service, installation and maintenance. Each of our employees has experience in the elevator and escalator field. Some engineers are from Germany. They have high technology and design the best for each customer. Elevators and escalators.


passenger elevator about - Dongao Elevator Factory

Elevator function:


Travel function:

VVVF driver: It can precisely adjust the speed of the motor to obtain the maximum speed curve when the elevator starts, travel and stop, and to obtain a comfortable sound.


VVVF door machine: The speed of the motor can be adjusted precisely to make the start/stop of the DPPR machine more stable and sensitive.


Independent running: The elevator cannot respond to external calls, and can only respond to commands inside the car through the action switch.


Automatically pass non-stop: When the car is crowded by passengers or the load is close to the preset value, the car will automatically land by calling to maintain the maximum driving efficiency.


Automatically adjust door opening time: The door opening time can be automatically adjusted according to the time difference between the landing call or the car call.


Re-open via the door phone: During the door closing process, press the re-open button with the hall call button to restart the door


Quick door closing: When the elevator stops and opens the door, press the door close button and the door will close immediately.


Stops and doors are open: the elevator decelerates and is level, and the doors are opened only after the elevator has come to a complete stop.


Car delivery gong: The arrival gong on the top of the car reminds passengers that they have arrived.


Command register cancellation: If you press the wrong floor command button in the car, press the same button twice in a row to cancel the recommendation to the registration form.


Direct parking: fully comply with the distance principle, no crawling in the horizontal direction, greatly improving travel efficiency.


Optional function:

Leveling in the event of a power failure: During a normal power failure, the rechargeable battery provides power to the elevator. The elevator will drive to the nearest stop.


Bell: In an emergency, if you press the bell button above the car operation panel continuously, the electric bell on the top of the car will ring.


Anti-disturbance: In the light load, when the other three commands appear, in order to avoid unnecessary parking, all the registered calls on the car will be cancelled.


Open the door in advance: After the elevator decelerates and enters the door opening area, the door opens automatically, which improves the traveling efficiency.


Peak duty service: During the preset duty time period, the elevator will continuously climb to the top floor to meet the service demand during peak duty period.


Door opening time is extended: Press the special button in the car, the elevator door will keep open for a certain period of time.


Re-leveling after opening the door: When the elevator door is opened and the leveling fluctuation occurs due to the change of the car load, the system will automatically move the elevator to the leveling position at its own leveling speed under the condition of opening the door.


Voice announcer: When the elevator arrives normally, the voice announcer will notify passengers of relevant information.


Operation box for the handicapped: very convenient for people in wheelchairs and visually impaired people


IC card control function: After authorization, all (part of) parking areas can only input car commands through the LC card.


In-car camera function: The camera is installed in the cabin to monitor the condition of the cargo compartment.

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