passenger elevator maintenance checklist

passenger elevator maintenance checklist - Dongao Elevator is a professional manufacturer of passenger elevators, freight elevators and other elevators, with dozens of partners worldwide,Suzhou Dongao Desen Elevator Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in the development and production of various elevators.The main products are:passenger elevators,freight elevators, escalators,sidewalks,hospital elevators,home elevators,etc.Welcome to buy us The products are guaranteed after sale.


Provide customized and OEM services

passenger elevator maintenance checklist - Dongao Elevator Factory

passenger elevator maintenance checklist - Dongao Elevator Factory



We use the best parts for each elevator, or we can use the brand you specify. We have shipped many containers to overseas markets, the packaging is strong wooden boxes, suitable for long-distance shipping. All our elevators are running well.


Why did you choose us? In addition to high-quality elevators, we also have good after-sales service.


We have multiple production lines and large warehouses. We can produce 500 elevators per month. You are welcome to patronize us. Every day, more than 20 countries/regions around the world can enjoy the perfect riding experience of dongao elevator, which is safe, efficient and energy-saving.


passenger elevator maintenance checklist - Dongao Elevator Factory

production line:

Our machine comes from Germany, and all the processes are controlled by a computer, so we can make every part accurately.


We have ISO and CE certificates, high quality, good after-sales service, and competitive prices


Our contact information: Company name: Dongao Elevator Factory (Elevators and Escalators)


If you need an elevator or want to be our agent, please contact us for free. You are welcome to visit, we can pick you up at the airport


passenger elevator maintenance checklist - Dongao Elevator Factory



Q1. What are your packing conditions?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, when we pack our products with real wood, if you have a legally registered patent, we will pack it in your trademark box after receiving your authorization letter.


Q2. What is your delivery time?

Answer: Usually, after confirming the specifications and drawings of the elevator (escalator) and receiving the advance payment, it usually takes 25 to 30 days.


Q3. What necessary information should be provided before purchasing an elevator?


1). How many people are loading goods? (6 people represent 450kg, 8 people represent 630kg, 10 people represent 800kg, 13 people represent 1000kg, etc.)


2). How many floors does the elevator run?


3). What is the size of the shaft? Shaft width and shaft depth?


4). Is there a room at the top of the shaft?


When we get the answer, we can design the exact elevator and quote for you.


Q4. How to install and maintain the elevator?


Answer: Usually, local people can complete this work through the manuals and technical support we provide. You can ask local professional elevator engineers or technicians to install elevators for you. This is a long-term solution. You can also ask our engineers to go to your site to do the work, but the cost will be much higher, and the maintenance work will still be handed over to the locals in the remaining time after installation.

We will provide you with professional and feasible solutions according to your needs
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