Automobile elevator
Automobile elevator
Production Capacity :3000KG/5000KG
Payment Terms:TT/L/C
Driving Type:XINDA
Control Mode:MONARCH
Position of Computer:ABOVE(machine room)/INSIDE(machine roomless)
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 It utilizes superior speed regulation properties and constant torque features of VWF variable voltage, variable frequency. Therefore freight elevator travels according to fixed running curve. Within the range of load rating, it is not affected by any load change. It always keeps the smooth and comfortable travel and transport, the leveling accuracy. It effectively reduces the operational noise.
 Variable frequency asynchronous traction host is safe and energy. It is high in efficiency, low in noise, little in vibration, smooth in operation, fine in lubrication properties, advantages in performance. It greatly satisfies the users, high requirements towards stable, energy-saving elevators with smooth operation.



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