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passenger elevator manufacturers


passenger elevator manufacturers   Microcomputer control quickens transmission processing speed of elevator signal. It is accurate and effective in safe up / down. It executes precise micro-computer speed-regulation to the elevators. It brings about the more smooth and secure elevator door opening / closing. It enhances the comfortable running.

It combines with low-noise traction machine design, car wall triple noise-reducing technologies, running system noise-reducing design. Elevator running noise is less than 43dB. It does not influence sleeping and rest of you and your family.


passenger elevator manufacturers
passenger elevator manufacturers  It specially designs smooth running system for the old. The most comfortable speed running curve, smooth and soft start / stop best suit the old people to operate the elevators.


passenger elevator manufacturers





passenger elevator manufacturers

Suzhou Orient Alderson Elevator Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development and production of various elevators.The main products are:passenger elevators,freight elevators, escalators,sidewalks,hospital elevators,home elevators,etc.Welcome to buy us The products are guaranteed after sale.



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