Home elevator installation

Home elevator installation - helps passengers reach their floors quickly, comfortably and safely. The spacious Home elevator installation car allows passengers and their luggage or employees and their equipment to pass through the building comfortably and efficiently.

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Home elevator installation - Dongao Elevator Factory

Home elevator installation


Dongao Elevator Factory the freight elevator driven by full computer control technology and AC frequency conversion speed regulation not only has superior energy-saving performance, precise leveling performance and high load-bearing capacity, but also fully considers the interests of customers in the design, and has a high cost performance. It is popular in warehouses, factories, highways and stairwells.


Home elevator installation Smart products with peaks:


Ace commercial passenger elevator is a modern intelligent elevator integrating intelligence, humanities and science. It is widely used in office buildings, hotels, business centers, hospitals and other places with high passenger flow, bringing convenience and enjoyment to your efficient life.


Safe, accurate and guaranteed position control system:


Advanced sensors provide high-precision real-time signal feedback to the motor rotor movement, so that the positioning of the trolley running on the shaft can reach millimeter-level accuracy and achieve almost no difference. Reliable car displacement memory technology ensures that the safety function of the morning floor is turned on when the elevator stops.


Home elevator installation Car comfort experience 2.8m headroom:


The elevator car is 60cm taller than the traditional car, providing a wider and more comfortable carrying space.


Home elevator installation


Home elevator installation in China


Dongao Elevator is a professional manufacturer of passenger elevators, freight elevators and other elevators, with dozens of partners worldwide. We combine innovation, hard work and attention to customer needs to provide the perfect combination of new products.


We focus on developing new products with a variety of product lines and preferential prices. Welcome to choose Dongao Elevator - is a company specializing in the development and production of various elevators.>>>More products

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